Camping is an adventure you must do at least once in your life.

Whether it’s with family, as a couple, with friends, or on your own, this experience deserves to be part of your life story. So, how do you start camping? Here are the most practical tips not to be overlooked.Practise pitching the tentTo avoid problems during your camping trip, don’t hesitate to practice pitching, folding and storing your tent! This will ensure that you get a very good night’s sleep in the tent, without stress.Have a test nightYou’ve mastered how to pitch a tent very well? It’s time to practice sleeping in it! For a beginner, the first night in a tent can be quite stressful. So why not pitch the tent in your garden and spend a whole night in it?Choosing the right campsiteAs for the choice of land, it is important to check whether it is suitable for children, whether your pet will be accepted and whether it has all the necessary sanitary facilities. To start camping, it is advisable to choose a place near a town to get supplies quickly in case you have forgotten anything.Buying the tentThe choice of tent is an important element to be taken into account by a beginning camper. It is advisable to choose the second-hand model that suits your expectations, your needs and of course your budget. To have more space, to sleep comfortably, it is recommended to choose a model with a capacity of one or two people more than the number of campers.The purchase of the sleeping bagWhen you decide to go camping, it is essential to have a sleeping bag, whatever the time of the year, as temperatures are likely to drop considerably during the night, even in summer. The choice of sleeping bag will take into account the season chosen for camping and the temperature provided by the model.The multi-layer systemIt is simply a method that allows you to stay warm in the tent. For the first layer, it should be thin and help you wick away moisture. Ideally, you should choose woollen clothing. The middle layer is used to store heat and should therefore be made of down or synthetic. As for the last layer, a waterproof or windproof garment will suffice.Getting well equippedTo have a successful first camping experience, you must have the right equipment for this kind of adventure. Essential items include a tent, sleeping bag, floor mat, tarp, flashlight or headlamp, knife and first aid kit. If you have made the decision to camp in backpack mode, it is important to store your backpack properly and take only the essentials.

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